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Once you have signed the contract and submitted all the required documents, the account opening process can be completed as quickly as 1 working day.

  • Latest Business Registration Certificate (BR)
  • Bank statements from the past 3 months
  • Copy of the identification document of the authorized person
  • [Only applicable to limited companies] Certificate of Incorporation (CI)
  • [Only applicable to limited companies] Latest Annual Return (NAR1) or Certificate of Incorporation of a Non-Hong Kong Company (NNC1)

The account opening process is quite straightforward. Merchants only need to prepare the required documents, sign the contract, and then QFPay HK will conduct a risk assessment to complete the account opening.

Applications from most types of merchants are generally accepted. However, certain high-risk industries may require additional evaluation (please refer to https://qfpay.global/documents/high-risk-business-and-activities/ for more details).

We do not charge annual fees or machine rental fees. Instead, we charge transaction fees based on the rates defined in the contract for each transaction.

Certainly, you only need to submit one application to us, and you can activate multiple payment methods.

No, a single POS terminal can support multiple payment methods, including credit card and QR code payments.

Yes, merchants can apply for suitable payment methods based on their business needs. If there is a need for additional payment methods in the future, you can contact our colleagues for arrangement. Of course, you can also choose to apply for all available methods at once.

QFPay HK currently supports 15 payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, PayMe, Alipay, AlipayHK, WeChat Pay, WeChat Pay HK, BoC Pay, Tap & Go, FPS, and UnionPay QuickPass.

We provide a one-stop solution with 15 payment methods available for merchants to apply as needed, eliminating the need to individually submit applications to payment tool providers. We also offer a free merchant portal for real-time access to transaction records. Furthermore, we are also one of the data providers for the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. With your consent, we can provide your transaction data to financial institutions, facilitating their loan approval process and expediting your financing journey.

With our account opening process, it can be completed within 1 working day, accommodating the business development needs of merchants.

Merchants only need to apply for payment services and install the provided default Plug-in or add the developer files to their website.

Our Plug-ins support popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, Shopage, and Storeberry. The installation process is simple and can be easily connected without the assistance of IT personnel.

We support merchants in accepting payments through various channels, including:

  • Mobile applications
  • POS terminals
  • Integration with cash registers, ordering systems, and other systems
  • Online channels (websites, in-app payments, WeChat Mini Programs, H5, checkout pages, and Plug-ins, etc.)

Merchants do not need to perform regular manual settlement via the machine or portal. Transaction funds are automatically settled and deposited into the merchant's bank account. QR code payments can be disbursed as quickly as T+1, while credit card transactions can be settled as quickly as T+2. The actual bank-in date depends on the processing time of banks.

You can contact our merchant service representative, and we will send the login information to your business email. Alternatively, you can also inquire with your office colleagues for the relevant login information.

You can access transaction records in real-time through the free merchant portal provided by QFPay HK, without having to wait for daily or monthly statements.

You can connect the payment terminal to the internet using either WiFi or a SIM card.

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