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Establishing a reservation platform with an integrated payment system before opening


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All-in-one solution offering multiple payment tools, with quick and convenient account opening and integration.

About the company

Childlike is one of the large indoor playgrounds for children in Hong Kong, with branches at D.Park in Tsuen Wan and Kin Sang Shopping Centre in Tuen Mun. They offer various playing equipment and role-playing experiences suitable for children of different ages. Childlike provides online reservation services allowing parents to plan holiday activities for their children.

During the pandemic, many Hong Kong people stayed home to fight against the virus. Recognizing insufficient activity space for children, the owner of Childlike had the idea to operate a playground. Through a friend’s recommendation, they learnt about QFPay HK’s payment services, which brings convenience to their online reservation system.

Diversified Payment Methods

The reservation service allows parents to plan their schedules more effectively and enables merchants to allocate resources efficiently. A comprehensive reservation system requires reliable payment services. Prior to the opening, the owner consulted several acquiring companies for online payment services. QFPay HK supports multiple payment tools, including Visa, Mastercard, Alipay, WeChat Pay, PayMe, UnionPay App, Tap & Go, and more.

“By applying once, we can gain access to multiple payment tools, and the approval process is fast. The entire application to integration process can be completed swiftly, which aligns with Childlike’s reservation platform operations.”

A comprehensive merchant management portal allows merchants to view real-time transaction data and filter by the following criteria

・Branch or payment terminal
・Payment tool
・Settlement status

Childlike’s staff also noted that QFPay HK’s payment services do not require daily settlement manually, and the merchant portal provides real-time transaction data, making it convenient for accounting colleagues to reconcile and for operational staff to know about the transaction status.

Fast Settlement Enhances Cash Flow

For merchants, collecting payment as quickly as possible after a customer completes a transaction can improve cash flow and ensure smooth operations. QFPay HK offers fast settlement for merchants’ QR code transactions with a T+1 settlement time, ensuring timely and swift funds availability. This undoubtedly reduces the hassle of managing cash flow for merchants.

While some businesses reduced their scale or even closed during the pandemic, Childlike seized the opportunity of low rent and a wide selection of rental spaces to expand its market share. They opened a branch at Kin Sang Estate in Tuen Mun in mid-2023, occupying nearly 9,000 square feet with 10 playing areas, including an inflatable trampoline area, a two-story rope obstacle, a ceramic sandpit, a larger ball pool, dinosaur ride area and more. It provides a place for children in the area to truly enjoy. The online reservation system also helps parents plan their children’s playing schedules and attract families from farther locations to visit.

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